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Click to hear Helen interviewed by the leading contemporary sacred choral composer Nickomo.

Helen Yeomans

Helen Yeomans

Helen Yeomans is the founder and leader of Glorious Chorus. She writes and/or arranges all the songs that the choir sings.

Helen returned to music after a 25 year absence when she had a yearning to sing. To her surprise, she found that not only could she sing but she could write songs too! Writing choral music was the ideal outlet for her creativity, which she could do around all her children, and it was only a matter of time before she formed her own choir.

Glorious Chorus soon gained a reputation for original songs and passionate performances, and for Helen it was like a dam bursting open. "When I finally have some time to myself, I find songs come pouring in from nowhere," says Helen. "It’s as if all lifes’ experiences and stories were meant to have expression in song, and I feel honoured to have the opportunity to bring them alive!"

Helen's song 'Awaken' was chosen as a featured performance piece at 2009's 'Sing For Water' annual fundraiser at London's South Bank, as part of the Mayor's Thames Festival. The songs chosen for this event were performed by choirs from around the country who come together - almost 1,000 singers - to sing for this fantastic charity. Helen's songs were also chosen to be performed at the Brighton Fringe Festival in 2008 and 2009. In 2010 Helen collaborated with 'The Competition' to produce the 'Fabio World Cup Song' which accrued over 220,000 hits on youtube and was played extensively on TV sport channels at the time. Glorious Chorus performed the song live when they performed at Glastonbury Festival that same year.

In 2012 Helen's arrangement of 'Money' won the choir a finalist's place in Charles Hazlewood's Orchestra In A Field choir competition (see the video in Video Archives). In 2013 Helen was invited to work with the Hull Freedom Mass Chorus and was commissioned to write two new pieces of music for the choir which were then performed at festivals in the city. And in July 2014 Helen's song Chanson was chosen to be performed at the annual Street Choirs Festival in Hebden Bridge where Helen conducted over 1,000 singers from all over the UK in the performance of the song in the Mass Sing.

Helen also runs singing workshops around the UK where she teaches her own compositions. She also teaches at voice camps in the UK and Europe as well as running singing holidays abroad. For all information about Helen visit at

Helen’s most recent success has been winning the gospel category prize of the esteemed UK Songwriting Contest in 2015. You can read more about this on the Home Page.