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The song playing is Helen’s prize-winning song ‘Saved’ which you’ll hear Glorious Chorus performing all summer. The song is on the choir’s album ‘Love, Peace and Harmony’ which is available to buy here. You can watch Glorious Chorus perform the song on the video below


Rise Up Singing Camp
Rise Up Singing camp in Devon this summer runs from 22nd-31st July. Click here for more and to watch video of the camp click here.

Totnes Market Choir
Helen runs her drop-in choir for anyone and everyone every Friday in Totnes at Birdwood House, 2-3pm. Just turn up and sing! £5. See Helen Yeomans page for more.

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Last Chance to catch Glorious Chorus perform their summer 2016 set

You can see Glorious Chorus at the closing ceremony of the Off-Grid Festival in Exeter on Sunday 14th August - watch out for two of their best-loved songs, Family and Motherland.

The choir is also starring in a big ‘Glorious Chorus and Friends’ fundraising event at Stover Jubilee Hall, Devon, on Sun evening 4th September. For info on this and to buy tickets, click here for the Gigs Page. Hope to see you soon!

Glorious Chorus at Wonderfields Festival
10th July

Glorious Chorus featured on BBC Radio 3’s ‘The Choir’ programme!

Glorious Chorus featured in the ‘Meet My Choir’ slot on BBC Radio 3’s ‘The Choir’ programme on Sunday 5th June. Helen and some of her choir spoke about their time at Glorious Chorus and some of the choir’s music was played. Listen again to this by clicking here.

Director/Composer Helen Yeomans wins major prize at the UK Songwriting Contest

Helen has been announced winner of the gospel/faith category with her song ‘Saved' in the 2015 international songwriting competition. The competition attracts over 7,000 entries in total and is one of most prestigious songwriting contests in the world with several international winners in this year’s contest. Glorious Chorus will be performing this outstanding song next summer and you can find it on the Love, Peace & Harmony CD on the CD Shop Page. You can also see the choir perform it on the video below. For all info about the contest, visit

Saved performed by Destiny Africa

Helen’s prize-winning song was picked up by Tin Pan Alley productions which is about to run a 12-part Sky TV songwriting contest. Saved came in at number 13 of the final songs chosen out of over 600 submitted - although it didn’t make the contest ex-Radio 1 DJ and Tin Pan Alley producer Mike Read loved the song so much he chose it to be arranged by Ugandan youth choir Destiny Africa who are touring around Europe at the moment. See what they did with the song by clicking here.

The best of 2015 from Glorious Chorus

The two videos below were filmed live at Glorious Chorus’s Totnes Christmas concert on 20th December and show the choir performing two of their favourite songs. Little Drummer Boy, based on the Pentatonix arrangement, features beatboxing by Taschi.

These new videos of Glorious Chorus are from the summer 2015 repertoire and feature three of the favourite songs of the season - Jerusalem, Unto This Land and Saved. Helen’s arrangement of Jerusalem takes the song back to it’s roots, introducing a brand new chorus and a change in time signature. Unto This Land is a new earth blessing inspired by Hafiz and Saved is a soul show-stopper featuring new soloist Fran Andre. Enjoy!